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Undoubtedly, many theories will be advanced to account for the events of recent months. Some followers of conservative social philosopher Allan Bloom may blame it on social decay. A few economists may believe it has something to do with the opening of the London commodities market–the Big Bang–making it possible to speculate 24 hours a day. And some scientists may attribute these eerie happenings to leaks in the ozone layer, permitting dangerous rays to enter the atmosphere unfiltered.

The latter theory comes close, but the truth seems to lie beyond —in a previously undiscovered and invisible protective ring around the planet called the Bozone Layer.

When the bozone is frayed, random rays cause disturbances on earth. What's especially alarming is that there is no known way to protect oneself against the deterioration of the bozone. Sunglasses and wide hats, as prescribed by Interior Secretary Donald Hodel have, for example, so far proved ineffective.

Consider: An unusual bozone leakage seems to have occurred over Fort Mill, S.C., where Jim and Tammy Bakker....

—Sidney Blumenthal, "Lost in the Bozone."
Washington Post,
August 21, 1987.

Quoted in Gleanings by Robert L. Payton

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